The Smartest Way To Beat Debt At Its Own Game:

The Smartest Way To Beat Debt At Its Own Game Learn How the Effects of Debt Can Ruin Your Quality of Life

Why is it that we all tell stories of how we got into debt, but very rarely do we get to tell the story of how we kicked debts butt? 

The answer is simple; because the majority of us are still actually struggling with paying off outstanding unsecured loans like payday loans, installment loans and credit card debt, which can be neverending if not dealt with correctly. It turns out that the only story to tell is how we accumulated so much stress from the actions we took without considering the consequences. 

What if I told you that you can start telling a different story and that there is a way to beat debt at its own game, through debt settlement?

95% of debt sufferers have the same symptoms, the other 5% just don’t care about their credit or financial status, but the ugly truth of this reality is that for those people who do care, debt can seriously ruin their quality of life.

The symptoms of debt are: depression, worry, guilt, stress, a feeling of being overwhelmed, and a feeling of lack and frustration. All of which can drastically decrease the quality of life and may cause a whole list of health issues. Once you are experiencing the symptoms of having outstanding debt, it is truly hard to bounce back, and take control of the situation. Debt always seems to win, and at this point you may want to just give up.

No one ever says, here take out this payday loan, or sign up for this credit card, but beware of the symptoms and repercussions that this action may have on your life and your family’s life in the future for years and years to come. 

Let’s be real here, most people do not read all of the fine print and terms, understand them fully and agree to the conditions with the utmost confidence. If anything it is more of a passive agreement, where the borrower just skims over the fine print and checks the “I Agree” box because the reason why they need the money, at the time, outweighs the negative impact it will have on their finances and life as a whole. It is as if we put blinders on to the repercussions of borrowing money.

Taking out a payday loan is like when those big pharma ads offer you the solution to your unbearable ailment by taking a pill to help control or manage one illness, but that pill may in turn cause a whole plethora of other symptoms. The outcome is always that you have to take more pills to relieve all the new symptoms. Loans are very similar because once you take out one loan, and realize you cannot pay it back, you have to take out another loan to help and so on and so forth, the struggle continues and the loans and symptoms keep on piling up. 

The question one might ask themself while deciding to take that magic pill or in this case; a new loan, may be something like, is the risk greater than the reward?

The big question that you should be asking yourself when it comes to debt is, what is the value of your well-being? 

At the moment of obtaining a new loan, you may have just been looking for either emergency funds to provide a quick solution, a momentary fulfillment of a desire or simply yearning for that thing or experience, like a new trip overseas, some fancy furniture or maybe even a new wardrobe. 

Whatever the case may be, you know that this loan you retrieve for this emergency or purchase will come with consequences, however, we often tend to overlook the repercussions of heavy fees, high interest rates and monthly payments that can and will break the bank. We are all guilty of this. 

Here is where it gets messed up. 

We don’t see the hidden fees, the increasing interest rates, and the late fees on the extremely high monthly payback rates, nor do you actually know the future of your employment status and finance situation, or any unexpected expensive emergencies as a factor at the time.

Or, do we see it, and we just disregard it out of desperation and do it anyway? 

Ok so you did it, you got that loan that you needed so badly, you thought you had it covered but you didn’t, and it resulted in not making payments on time, accumulating more and more fees, falling behind, and now your loans are either very past due or already with collections. 

The reality sets in and you begin to start feeling the symptoms of the decisions you made, symptoms like regret, frustration, stress, resentment, guilt, suffering, and the list goes on as your well-being suffers the consequences.

The one thing you have in common with every other person that has debt is that you spent money you didn’t actually have, and now you are sitting in a pool of symptoms that only seem to keep rising.

So, what is the next pill you can take to mask these new symptoms over time caused by debt?

Most will get desperate again and seek out another loan and they end up with quite a few and carry a huge burden to pay them back now. 

Well, let’s see, you can try debt consolidation, but that just adds more risk of still not being able to meet the extremely high monthly payments, and all of the fees that may accumulate should you not be able to make that payment on time, Not to mention, the stress of working overtime trying to make ends meet and to provide for you and your family. 

Why does no one ever speak of the cure?

There is only one real way to do this, to get rid of debt and to actually beat it at its own game. 

There is no quick fix when it comes to handling debt, however, there is a faster and smarter way to handle it and curing it for good, and that is through a reputable debt settlement company. 

Just to list a few trusted companies, that have been in business for a while, with great reviews as well as high success rates; Encompass Recovery Group, Solid Ground Financial, and DeTata Law Group.

If you are currently behind on your payments, debt settlement is the best choice for 3 main reasons.

  1. To bring the debt to an end by paying off the debt for less than what you owe instead of thousands of dollars more than what you owe. To cure the debt disease and increase the quality of life again, for good.
  2. It is the only way to get the collectors to stop harassing you, as well as stopping the interest and fees from accumulating for good. 
  3. To shorten the lifespan of the loan repayment plan while still maintaining an affordable monthly payment. 

So why would anyone not choose debt settlement as the best option for them?

The main reason is that they are simply not educated on the benefits of debt settlement, but going even deeper into this, one who may not benefit from this is someone with secured debt, or is current on payments and able to make monthly payments that are larger than the minimum payment due.

The benefits of debt settlement are to quickly resolve and settle the debt for less than what you owe, for example, you borrowed $5000, but through the debt settlement program, you may actually only need to pay 30% of this balance which is $1500. 

Numbers don’t lie and this is a huge difference of $3500 that you don’t have to struggle to pay anymore.

So how does this work?

The way this works is by first stopping your monthly drafts, which will also stop the collection agencies from harassing you to pay up. 

The next step is to allow the company you choose to get your list of lenders with balances owed, once they have that info they will place you on a repayment term depending on what suits you the best. 

From there you will make the monthly payments that you agree on, that money will get held in an escrow account, and in the meantime, the company will negotiate terms with your lenders to lower the amount of your payoff. 

The reason why this works is that the lenders and agencies would rather get some money back as fast as possible so they will work with the negotiators to agree on a balance that everyone is happy with. 

Once your escrow account has enough money in it to settle one full debt, they pay it off and then they move on to the next lender, if you have more than one, which is usually the case.

You continue this process until all the accumulated debts you have are paid off and you are finally debt-free!

Companies such as the ones I had mentioned previously like DeTata Law Group, and Encompass Recovery Group, also have the option for discounted legal protection just as a backup plan should any lender decide to sue, this can happen depending on the balance owed and the situation at hand. It is better to already have an experienced law firm and this protection plan as insurance in place than to try to find it in a panic and at full price after papers have been served

By choosing debt settlement, and the right company, you are making a move on your opponent before they make a move on you, the debt settlement fight would typically be focusing on the offense instead of the defense. 

Now that will be a good story to tell, how you kicked debt’s butt, and how your quality of life has changed drastically since you have become debt-free. 

It is the smartest and fastest way to beat them at their own game and finally live a debt-free life. 

If you want to start telling this story right away, reach out to your trusted debt settlement company now and start feeling better, more confident, and cure those debt symptoms for good.