Encompass Recovery can help you consolidate your loans if you stand in debt and seek a way out.

Legitimate Consolidation Company

 Debt consolidation programEncompass Recovery Group collected and analyzed statistics on six of the United States’ largest debt consolidation agencies based on facilities, rates, Best Business Bureau analysis, and lawsuit records.

Regardless of what you pick, the result generally pays off. A 2018 research reported that debt restructuring decreased monthly installments, strengthened the credit record, replaced debt for 62.3%, and increased consumption patterns by 68.1%.

What Kinds of Debt Can Be Consolidated?

At Encompass Recovery Group, we will help you pay off your unsecured debt, including credit card bills, payday loans, uninsured credits, credit card department stores, health, medical bills, collection accounts, and specific utility bills.

What to Look for in a Debt Consolidation Company

With debt consolidation, a successful working partnership between clients and firms is generally a condition for success. At Encompass Recovery Group, we embrace our customers, and we know that everything starts with customer service and care:

Customer Service

Debt relief companiesAt Encompass Recovery Group, we first make you feel relaxed. Why do you keep worrying because of bad debts, whereas the first quarter of 2019 saw household debt surpass 14 trillion dollars, the largest ever in the global crisis of 2008? It is not rare for people to get stuck with bills and speak openly. Encompass Recovery Group provides you with straightforward responses about our services and an honest performance image.

Encompass Recovery Group has financial experts who are experienced, educated, and accredited. Our credit advisers are honest, and they do not earn bonuses for selling extra services, so you do not have to worry about an increase in extra charges.

Encompass Recovery Group provides vital customer support that has to do more than just help you cover the debt you already have. We go further to advising you about your debt’s root cause and how to keep such errors from occurring.


Encompass Recovery Group understands that battling debts is exhausting and financial tension raises people’s risk of committing wrongful obligations. Choose Encompass Recovery Group, an organization that is open on its activities, shows its elaborate terms and conditions and offers free information to check any promises or assurances we provide to our consumers.

It is probably true that a website is best to assess the openness of a company. Going through Encompass Recovery Group website illustrates that we have nothing to hide; all types of records are available — how long the firm has been in operation, top management, geographical location, operating time, and telephone number, e.t.c. If an organization has nothing to hide, all the platform information should be posted on its site to make people realize what options are involved.

Longevity and Trustworthiness

Sustainability and trustworthiness are fundamental in a marketplace where transition tends to happen overnight? Especially when it comes to your money! At Encompass Recovery Group, we value and understand the importance of trust-based services, which you get with your payday loans.

Research shows that for businesses aged between 10 and 15, consumers are optimistic about their capabilities. They continue to hold consistent views, ideals, and results. That is why they are in operation up to date by providing consumers with solutions.

Counseling and Education

Legitimate consolidation companyThe educational element is a forgotten but essential part of selecting a payday debt consolidation firm. Do you want to learn more from the experience to prevent issues in the future? Visit Encompass Recovery Group or call us today on financial counseling.

The province of the non-profit groups engaged in debt consolidation nearly entirely is training and advising customers. To maintain their tax exemption status as 501(c)(3) entities, the Internal Revenue Service allows Charities to provide the Service with an educational component.

Non-profit offers credit counseling to satisfy these criteria nearly entirely without charge. Consultants review a consumer’s budgets, primarily reflecting on the conditions causing financial difficulties and how fiscal administration fixes them.

At Encompass Recovery Group, we are qualified and accredited, and choosing our path is choosing success. Our expertise and experience have been certified by the National Federation for Credit Counseling (NFCC).

How to Choose a Debt Consolidation Company

At Encompass Recovery, we help you do your financial study and add the knowledge gained to your capital structure.

For example, if you have enough funds but only need more time to pay off your debt, a debt restructuring program at Encompass Recovery Group may be a better option than a debt reduction loan or debt settlement.

Encompass Recovery Group provides the kind of debt reduction package you want that lets you feel more secure dealing with us, and your needs are well taken care of. Our programs are also set in a way that educates you when you’re in the program, so you don’t have to go back.

It can be overwhelming but don’t be afraid to reach out for help when you know which direction is right for you.

Consolidate Your Payday Loans Today

Many non-profits provide private, non-stringed financial counseling. Neither are we exempted. When you’ve made a choice, know that Encompass Recovery Group will give you the resources you need to get out of debt. You have to do all the hard work. However, with the aid of Encompass Recovery Group, all the digging is worth it.

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