The process of debt settlement does not have to be hard or confusing, working with a reputable company is key in this process.

These settlement programs are designed for the client to simply provide lender information and then to allow the enrollment agents to work out the logistics of the plan for the client’s particular situation.

Once a plan has been discussed and agreed upon, the company will then provide the service that includes processing all documents, contacting lenders on your behalf, setting up the monthly fees, holding the funds in escrow until settlements are negotiated and agreed upon with the lenders, paying out all settlements one by one, and finalizing all lender account closings by following up with a final audit. The company should also provide all of the necessary paperwork as well as updates along the way.

If you are considering using our company, Encompass Recovery Group, to handle all of your unsecured debt, all you need to do is reach out to one of our enrollment agents and they will set you up with the best program for you, or you can apply here on our site and someone will reach out to you right away.

Setting up with our settlement program is easy and stress-free. Our main objective is to get your debts settled for less than what you owe.