Debt Consolidation: Consolidating your credit cards will allow you to lower your monthly payments, reduce your interest rates and provide you with one low monthly payment.

Encompass Recovery Group is here for your Debt Consolidation needs. Our new and very informative site is designed to provide visitors with detailed information on how we can help with consolidating their debts.  Our team of Debt Management professionals is on standby waiting to assist you with consolidating your Credit Cards or Personal Loans.

We encourage our visitors to learn more about our (DMP) Debt management program processes. Debt Consolidation Credit Cards /Personal Loans

Debt Consolidation Vs Debt Settlement For Your Credit Cards Debt

Some consumers may wonder if it is wise to consolidate their credit cards, or if would it be better to enroll in a Debt Negotiation plan. This all depends on what’s more important, getting out of debt faster or your Credit score.

Debt Negotiation will allow you to pay your debts off much faster than Debt Consolidation. However, this process will require your accounts to go into default in order to maximize your savings. The objective here is to engage in extreme negotiation with your lenders to lower your payback to 60-70 % of the balance you currently owe.

Consolidating Your Credit Cards Debt

Consolidating Your Credit Cards Debt

Credit card consolidation offers superior benefits by lowering your interest rates and lowering your monthly payments. If you are behind we will bring your accounts totally current stopping annoying late and over-limit fees. With your new repayment plan, you will have more money available to meet other living expenses, including housing and career-related necessities.

Our Debt Consolidation program offers extremely flexible repayment plans that can be extended up to 48 months. There are so many benefits to joining our debt consolidation plan. What are you waiting to call (877) 702-2454 and let us assist you in consolidating your unsecured debt today.