Electricity disconnection helpEncompass Recovery Group is a debt consolidation company. We aim to evaluate our clients’ debts and inform them of the available options that they have through our professional team. We can also help you reduce the interests imposed on you, and we can also help you in halting any late or over-limit charges. We can help you settle the overdue utility bills, and we can also help in consolidating your bills into one bill for easier management and tracking of your finances.

How do I Avoid Disconnection of My Electricity?

According to the Electricity Relief Program, residents who earn low incomes can avoid disconnection by adding their name to the state’s low-income list by contacting their utility providers. 

You must be eligible for jobless benefits to be added to the list. You will have to send the utility provider proof of unemployment benefit entitlement within 30 days. Ensure that you are equipped with your account information before you make a call.

Municipal Utilities

If your electricity provider is a city, they may have assistance programs. There are many cities and utilities owned by the government which has altered their electricity shutoffs. They include:

  • Austin
  • Brownsville
  • Garland; the ban on shutoff has ended; however, contact them for assistance 
  • Lubbock; the prohibition against shutoff has ended; however, contact them for assistance 
  • New Braunfels; the ban on shutoff has ended. However, contact them for assistance or seek the local organization to help
  • San Marcos
  • San Antonio (CPS)

Ensure that you contact your electricity provider to find out how to participate in their help programs. Some cities have created some programs to help with other utility bills.

Contact Your Utility Provider

The best thing you can do to keep your utilities on may be to contact your utility providers. Several programs might help you if you ask. 

Natural Gas Service

gas utility connection helpDuring this period, the relief program on COVID-19 is only eligible for water, sewage, and electricity. That is because the Public Utility Commission, which delivered the relief order, does not control natural gas. The Railroad Commission regulates natural gas. However, some natural gas providers have willingly halted natural gas shutoffs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of these companies include:

  • Atmos; Until further notice
  • Corix; Until further notice
  • Centerpoint; Until further notice
  • Texas Gas Service; they have resumed their shutoff.
  • Epcor; Until further information; no shut-offs for homes, businesses have a 30-day relief
  • Texas-Kansas-Oklahoma Gas; Until further notice

The above list only indicates some of these companies; whether your gas provider is listed or not, contact them to receive the assistance you need. It is important to note that you still owe the providers the unpaid bills. The above companies have indicated that they will stop non-payment shutoffs.


Many internet providers have installed programs to help clients struggling due to the effects of COVID-19. Contact your internet provider for assistance. For learning purposes, some schools are offering internet access for their students. 

For you to know whether your child’s school is offering internet access and online classes, visit the district’s website, the school’s website, or contact the administrators of the school.

Can a Landlord Shut off Your Utilities?

Your landlord is restricted against shutting off your utilities regardless of whether you may have any rent arrears. There are legal mechanisms that provide guidelines concerning this matter. A landlord should be guided by the law when handling any dealing with a tenant.

Why Encompass Recovery Group?

Encompass Recovery Group is a debt consolidator company based in the United States. We have provided various financial help to thousands of clients across the country over the years. We can help you settle your past utility bills through our structured financial programs. Our professional staff will advise you on the options that you may have based on your situation. Contact us today for more information.

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