Utility assistance programsOnce you miss a payment on your utilities, your account is referred as overdue or past due. This applies even when you are only a few days late on the payments. However, if you are only a few days late, you are not likely to face any intimidating collection efforts.

Basically, an account becomes overdue one day after the due date. If you make the payments within the first few days, you will only have to deal with a late fee and no other dire consequences. If you do not pay the balance, however, you are likely to experience any of these situations;

  • Legal action
  • Negative impact on your credit score
  • Discontinued service( for utilities)
  • Overdue letter
  • Phone calls from your service provider 

It is important to make payments as soon as possible since the situation will only get worse, especially if the account is overdue by more than 90 days.

Handling Your Overdue Utilities Accounts

Once you’re behind on payment of utilities and have started receiving calls and letters concerning the same, you should reach out to Encompass Recovery Group for help. The more time passes, the lower the chances are of you catching up. We provide you with solutions,  support, and advice on how to move forward with the outstanding payments. 

Understanding Overdue vs. Outstanding vs. Default 

People are often confused with regards to the terms surrounding late payments. It is essential to understand these terms to best know where you stand with your debtors.


Once the payment goes beyond the 60 daymarks. It is considered a default. Once it becomes a default, it will start to negatively impact your credit score and it is best to sort it out before it gets here.


Once you receive a utility bill, you have time to make payments which is usually 30 days. The amount is considered outstanding if you have not paid the bill in the time until it’s due. Outstanding means that you’ve not paid the bill but you still have time before it’s due.


Also referred to as past due. This is a late payment that is likely to attract penalties but is not as extreme as a default

Solutions To Overdue accounts

If you are currently dealing with an overdue account, you need an action plan on how to deal with this;

Settle your account

Pay utilities organisationsSome lenders will agree to a payment plan where you pay a lump sum payment to the overdue account.

Consolidate your debt

Consolidating your debts into one payment will work well to offset your bills and debts but ensure that you have a repayment plan to avoid getting back to the same problem

Apply for Multiple Payments

Credit card lenders, banks and utility providers have a department that helps those that are unable to settle their payments. Reaching out to them will help you settle these payments with more flexibility.

Contact your lender 

Once you realize you cannot pay your debt or utilities, you need to contact your providers directly. If you have in the past had a good payment record, they might waive late fees or extend the payment period.

Pay the outstanding payments

Making a lump sum payment to settle overdue accounts is the best and quickest way to get back on track. Once your account is overdue, try and make the payments  plus any interests and late fees to avoid heavy penalties

When To Ask For Help

Acting fast is the only way to deal with an overdue account. You should not hesitate to look for help whenever you need it. Your specific situation will determine the help and advice we accord you which can be as easy as formulating a weekly budget or as hard as getting a debt agreement.

Your Debt Solution- Encompass Recovery Group

At Encompass Recovery Group, we understand the uniqueness that comes with everyone’s case and we take the time to understand your situation and the challenges you are facing. 

We will help you come up with a plan to deal with any debts and overdue accounts and ensure that we help you to settle them comfortably and within your budget

Do not be afraid or embarrassed to seek out our help whenever you need it.

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