Debt remains a significant issue in cities across the United States, including Lauderhill. Are you weighed down by debt and don’t know how to get out? Has the pressure from your creditors become too much on you? It is possible to clear the debt with the equity in your Lauderhill, FL home. 

Contact Encompass Recovery Group for free debt consolidation refinancing quotes. If you are in Lauderhill, FL, refinance experts are standing by waiting to assist you. Ask questions, see if you qualify, and get free quotes by connecting with a licensed consumer debt refinance specialist.

Debt Consolidation in Lauderhill

Debt consolidation company in LauderhillDebt consolidation involves taking out a loan and using it to repay other debts. It is only necessary when you are in debt and are unable to pay. Debt consolidation in Lauderhill helps you get out of your financial crisis while spending less. 

It enables you to reduce high-interest rates, particularly in credit card debts where they charge 30%. If the amount remains unpaid, interest rates will keep accumulating, and the total amount will become unmanageable. Debt consolidation in Lauderhill aims to reduce those costs and implement more affordable rates.

Having too many bills and debts to pay subjects you to a big challenge in controlling your finances. Lauderhill FL debt consolidation helps simplify all your credit cards into a new one that is easier to keep track of payment. 

It is important to note that debt consolidation is not always necessary. There will be some instances where we will advise you to take a different approach, such as debt settlement. Sometimes, all you need is expert financial advice to help you manage your budget to keep track of your finances.

Unlike a mortgage, high-interest loans are not tax-deductible. Therefore, you can take advantage of debt consolidation and clear your loans.

Some of the benefits of debt consolidation to the debtor are:

  • You get a wholesale rate instead of the stressful retail rates.
  • You will be able to pay off student loans, credit cards, and any other high-interest debt.
  • Instead of going through the stress of handling multiple debts simultaneously, your loans are merged into one, making it easy for you to focus on one creditor.

Lauderhill Debt Settlement

 Debt settlement has many advantages. It not only helps you to take charge of your finances, but it also enables you to reduce your debts and clears them faster. Debt settlement has other promising results as well. It helps you escape wage garnishment and is the first step to maintaining a good credit score. Additionally, it enables you to avoid foreclosure. 

Debt settlement and debt consolidation loans in Lauderhill may be better solutions than declaring bankruptcy. Instead of getting advice from a bankruptcy solicitor, consider the alternative, less expensive solutions open to you, such as consulting with a financial manager or debt mediation consultant. We will help you get your money back on track, and getting a strategy for handling your debt is a vital aspect of foreclosure protection.

Debt Consolidation and Credit Counseling in Lauderhill

Lauderhill debt consolidation loanBad debt can happen to anyone, and in some cases, it doesn’t even matter that you have always managed your finances well. If you are facing a financial crisis in Lauderhill, Encompass Recovery Group will help. We will help you build a strategy to get you out of debt fast and effectively using budgeting and investing strategies to restore your financial stability. 

Our debt consolidation program consists of many facets, including merging various debts into one manageable loan at a reasonable interest rate. This enables our clients to make timely payments without getting deeper into debt with more high-interest payday loans or online lenders. If you have missed some monthly payments, we can help you rebuild your financial status through our Lauderhill debt consolidation or credit counseling services.

Consolidate Your Debt Today

Encompass Recovery Group’s services are designed for those with financial problems. If you need additional help balancing your budget, our financial counseling program will assist you. We can help you plan your monthly budget and advise you on how to prepare for the future. Your credit history does not matter to us. We will do everything we can to help you achieve your peace of mind and get your finances back on track.

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