Encompass Recovery Group is a debt consolidation company that has been of help to many clients across the country. You do not need to stress yourself by having too many bills to pay. We can consolidate your utility bills into a single bill for easier management of your money. We will provide you with the available options that you may have on how to pay off old utility bills.  

Details of Paying Off Old Utility Bills

How to pay old utility billsYou need to obtain the exact address, commencing dates, and the ending dates that concern the service associated with any bills. These details that concern the bills should be provided by either mail, fax, or email. However, if you make any conversation through the phone, you should emphasize getting the information verbally. 

Request the supervisor for any vital information, and note down everything that you are told about the records. If you are not satisfied with the information you are provided with, file a complaint with the relevant authorities. 

Suspicious Details of Your Old Utility Bills

You should ensure that the bills you have been provided with are accurate. You can do this by checking the facts and the specifics of the bills based on your circumstance.

The following are some of the guidelines in handling the utility bills based on the following situations:

I Never Resided at That Address

If you do not recognize the address presented to you, it is crucial to ask the utility company how they linked you with that account. According to the utility rules, government-issued identification is required to establish the service of the utility. However, this was not the case in the past. You might be required to file impersonation reports with the relevant authorities if a person used your name or details to obtain certain utilities. However, since this may take some time, submit all pertinent evidence indicating that you did not live there and do not have any past utility bills.

I Resided at the Presented Address. However, I Did Not Possess a Utility Account

This situation may get complicated very quickly, especially when there are relatives, roommates, landlords, tenants, or spouses involved. Generally, the bills of another person cannot be imposed on you unless you were married at that time. 

Therefore, your spouse’s bills, your mum, your landlord, or tenant are not your responsibility. However, if electricity or gas service was provided, and there was no official customer documentation, the utility company should collect the bills from the leaseholders or the landlord. Based on the bill’s size, the utility company may write off the bill, you may choose to pay the bill willingly, or you may decide to seek help from the relevant authorities or opt for legal assistance.

I Resided at the Address, However at a Different Time  

Old utility bills settlementThis situation is a clear demonstration of how you may be faced with serious utility bill problems. You may have lived somewhere without clearing your utility bills. However, you may be surprised to learn that what you thought was just a small amount has accumulated into huge bills. There are fees added up due to late payments. However, it is essential to verify the dates of service. 

The dates in the bills may indicate contradicting details of the real accounts. The emergence of new technologies has dramatically solved this problem. However, it is still common for people to be faced with this challenge. Unluckily, this problem is not regulated by any utility laws. If you present evidence that you never lived there at that specific period, the utility company will work with you.

I was Below the Age of 18

Utility bills cannot be created in a minor account, and nobody is responsible for any services provided to them when they were below the age of 18. If you were underage when the dates are presented to you, the utility company should unconditionally write off the bills. This should be done upon the presentation of the documents that verify your age.

Why Encompass Recovery Group?

Encompass Recovery Group is an American company that offers the services of funds consolidation. We can also help you settle your previous utility bills. We can also consolidate your accounts into a single bill for easier management of your finances. Our professional team will provide you with the available options you have based on your situation. Contact us today for more information.

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