Help for electricity bills.Have you not received energy bills for a while? You might be then wondering how you are going to solve that situation. However, you are not forgotten. Encompass Recovery Group can help you solve that issue.

Continue reading to make sure that you are billed at the right time and everything you are required to know concerning back billing.

What Do You Do if You Have Not Received Your Energy Bill In a While?

You are required to contact your energy supplier immediately if they stop sending you bills or if you have never received an energy bill after moving house. Since your energy suppliers can legally back-bill you up for up to a year and bills can be of any amount, choosing to take advantage of this kind of oversight would rarely work in your favor.

You should inform your energy supplier that you have taken over the supply to your new property if you have moved home. You should immediately take the meter readings and contact them so that they can set up an account in your name. If you want any help on how you can pay your energy bills, contact our professionals at Encompass Recovery Group.

What is back-billing?

When your supplier charges you for electricity or gas that you have used for and has not paid for whatever reason, we call that back billing.

What Are My Rights When It Comes To Back Billing?

The government regulator for the UK energy market called Ofgem has enacted some rules that are aimed at protecting you when it comes to back-billing.

If your supplier fails to send you your energy bills despite you contacting them, they will not be able to back-bill for over a year. And if they do it, you can state your rights through email or a letter.

However, the only exception to this would be if you have stopped the supplier from taking meter readings.

What Happens If I can’t Afford To Settle My Back Bill?

Help with water bills payments.You are supposed to inform your energy supplier if you cannot afford to pay the full amount owed.

You will find out that there are various firms that are willing to offer you payment plans that enable you to pay back your debt in smaller amounts.

You should be given half a year to pay back the outstanding amount in full if you received a back-bill for a period of half a year.

If you want to be informed on how you can pay your energy bills, contact our experts at the Encompass Recovery Group on (877)769-0109.

How Do I Find Out My Gas Energy Supplier?

Are you among those individuals who have not been getting your energy bills and you don’t know who to contact? Do not be afraid, Encompass Recovery Group can help you get to your energy supplier and start receiving your energy bills right away. 

Is It Time To Switch Your Energy Supplier?

If you are tired of your current energy supplier probably because of their poor service and would want to get a new one, Encompass Recovery Group can help you get to a new energy supplier.

What Happens If You Do Not Pay Your Energy Bills?

If a drop in your income or an emergency expense tempts you to ignore credit charges or bills, the following can happen if you put off paying bills;


Haven't Paid Gas Field For Years

  • Utility service may be shut off. You may find that your phone, gas, or electricity is turned off due to failure to pay your energy bills.
  • Interest and fees may be charged on overdue amounts
  • A large reconnect charge may be difficult to pay later.


  • If a relative or a friend cosigned the mortgage, the cosigner will be asked to pay. 

Getting Started

If you would like to know about how you can pay your energy bills, you can consult Encompass Recovery Group at any time. Our professionals are ready to guide you on how you will make payments for your energy bills. You can also contact us for any other energy bills.

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